Friday, 16 December 2016

2K16 Year Reveiw

Since its year 8's last year here at Panmure Bridge School, I wanted to make a collage to remember all the fun activities and collaborations we have had. This year has been the best year I have ever had. This year we met new people, learnt new things and enjoyed our selves. We would like to thank all the teachers for supporting us at all time, and giving us memories that we would never forget. Here we come 2017!

2016 Graduation

On Wednesday Night, the year 8's had Graduation held down at the Pakuranga Sailing Club. Before we started eating we waited for everyone to get there. Everyone looked beautiful and handsome, for dinner we had Lasagna, buns and we had fizzes and juices. We all danced with a different person within every dance we did. We all gathered up together as 1 and had last moments before the year ends. All students enjoyed themselves and had fun that night. It was very challenging that the fact that we had to dance in a dress and a suit. I enjoyed myself and I had fun. That was the best day of the year. Sit back and enjoy the video.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


This is a DLO on Labyrinth, that I did with my partner Cecillia. So yesterday and today we have been learning about the movie called "Labyrinth" it was fun to learn about the shot types also what there part/role is in the movie and what. Today we got to finish watching the ending and to rewind and watch some of the scenes to help us fill out our form. My best part of the movie was when the My favorite part was when the goblins were saying shut up to each other because they were wait for Sarah to say “I wish the Goblins can take you right about now”

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Today LS2 had soccer. We were put into teams and in that team we had to challenge each other playing a game of soccer. I was in the non bibs team and with that team we were working so hard to try and get the ball in the goal. We first versed team blue, we were working so hard and we were working together as a team and for that game we won 4-0. We then versed team green, with that team we tried our best but unfortunately lost. We moved on and versed team red, my team tried and tried but again we lost. My team was feeling a little down but we moved on and played team yellow which was our last game. We were ending off with a positive attitude weather we win or lose, we were playing our hardest and we weren't giving up but as we came up to the end, we unfortunately lost again. We all had fun and played our best even though it was our first session of soccer.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Atletics Day

Today we had Athletics Day. TIt started off with a nice weather but as we got through the day it started pouring with rain. The year 7's & 8's got split into 3 groups. For the year 8's the first activity was in the hall and it was Rob The Nest. We had fun and showed a lot of participation also throughout playing that game it was very tiering but we all managed to try make our teams come 1st. The next activity was the sponge relay and it was a lot of fun. Out of all the fun we had, Gozan's team won and came 1st. Next game was the long jump. Now this was very tricky because the grass was slippery. All we had to do was to see who could jump the furthest. We have finally came 1st for the first time. We would like to thank Mr Ogilivie for organizing all of these activities and the staff members and the parents who came down and supported this event. I want to just say a huge thank you for all the groups who showed a lot of team work and team spirit in all the activities. We would also like thank the Tamaki College students for running all the different activities.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


On Thursday we had hockey. What we did was practicing pushing the ball and also trapping as well as hitting. Practicing is really good for us because we get to know how to control the ball with the hockey stick. After that we then bounced the ball on the stick and our challenge was to see how many we can do. Once we done that we played a game it was when you have to take someones ball out of the square and then you do that over again if there are 4 or 5 people still in then there then we call "SHARK!" shark is when someone is out and then they come back in the square to try and get someone out until there is 1 player and that will be the winner. We would like to thank Carly for teaching us new skills.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

E Groups Opinions

For the past few weeks we were learning about pigeons. We learned a lot like how they risked there lives to send messages in WW1 & 2. This DLO have to be about our group opinion. This DLO was the last DLO for our topic. We have to write our own opinions about if you think pigeons are special or pests. I think that pigeons are special because they help save people's lives even though they make a lot of mess such as leaving guano on the ground and caring diease.